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All zippers feature three parts and these are the tape, teeth, and slider. The zipper chain is being formed once the slider has joined together the two side-lined teeth. In the case of separating zippers, other parts that you can see include the retainer box, insertion pin, and reinforcement film. ZipperShipper is one of the leading suppliers of the best types of zippers that you can find in the market right now.

Whether you need just one piece of zipper for your DIY project or you are planning to order in bulk for your sewing shop, take a look at the different types of zippers that you can choose from.

Coil Zippers

The most common and widely available type of zipper that you can find today is none other than the coil zipper. Coil zippers are also often called nylon zippers due to its nylon material makeup. Today, however, coil zippers can also be made of polyester yet they still retain the name “nylon zipper.”

Coil zippers are lightweight, heat resistant, and some are even rustproof. Since these zippers are often readily available, these are often considered as the best types of zippers although it might not necessarily be true. After all, availability doesn’t always equate to good quality.

Invisible Zippers

Invisible zippers have a coil found at the zipper’s back part and installed in such a way that it is not visible or is hidden. The most common projects that use invisible zippers are skirts and dresses. The perfect description for invisible zippers could be “coil zippers with teardrop- like pulls”.

Metal Teeth Zippers

These zippers have two lines of metal teeth that are lined and modeled on each of the zipper tape’s side at regular intervals. Its material make-up can be of brass, nickel, and aluminum. These zippers are typically used in jeans wears and on hard case bags.

Plastic Teeth Zippers

Plastic zippers are often mistaken as metal teeth zippers. The main distinguishing aspect is the plastic material that they are made unlike metal teeth zippers that are made of nickel, aluminum, and brass. These zippers can also be used on hard case bags and jeans wears but are more common on bags.

Heat can affect these zippers, however, so you need to be careful when you use them on projects specifically on wears since ironing the garment may cause damages on the zipper. It is the main reason why these are often used on bags instead of wears or jeans. Plastic teeth zippers are also rustproof.

Separating Zippers

These separating zippers have been designed to be totally separated after the zipper’s installation. Don’t be confused by the name “open-ended zippers” since it is still the same zipper. Separating zippers use the box and pin mechanism and is typically used or installed on coats, sweatshirts, or hoodies.

Care Tips for Zippers

  • If ever your zippers get stuck, you can free it using liquid soap.
  • Whether you are using plastic teeth or metal teeth zipper, see to it that you use fabric to cover the zipper when ironing. Fix the slider and close the zipper as well.

When laundering, make sure close the zipper when you launder so as not to cause damages on the slider and teeth.

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