How To Make Your Better-half Feel Comfortable When It Comes To Sex Toys

How To Make Your Better-half Feel Comfortable When It Comes To Sex Toys

A recently conducted research exhibited the fact that around 65% of men feel so embarrassed about the use of Sex Toys, and they feel, using such resources is something emasculating. On the other hand, women are very pleased with the use of these toys. As such, if you are aspiring to use such toys with your man, without making him feel embarrassed or annoyed, you need to make some moves so that everything falls in the right place. 


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Convey that you are using the tools just with an intent of Fun and nothing else 


First and foremost, you need to convey the message to your partner about the use of this tool. Be honest to tell him that the purpose of using these tools is to make the instances of lovemaking all the more exciting, and nothing to make up any of his shortcomings. Be friendly in your approach to convey this message and give him the time to prepare his mind. 


Counsel your partner, how the use of these tools can boost the engagement between you two 


The fact is, the use of these toys brings a plethora of benefits upon the physical and mental health, and these tools come highly effective in consolidating the engagement between the couples. 

Besides, you need to discuss these points with your man that will make him confident about using these resources. Thus, you can make him prepare for the use of these tools. Consequently, you can expect better sexual satisfaction as well as a better bonding with your partner. 


Tell your partner that you are not the only couple using such tools.


You should make your partner aware of the fact that today, the majority of couples use sex toys, and they are getting the best results. 

Obviously, your partner will never mind using something that millions of other couples use. 



Don’t go to an extreme extent in the first instance.


Refrain from an extremist approach, while using sex toys for the first time. Ensure that you are not using such toys that can injure your partner or bring extreme pain for him.


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