Beginners Guide: How to Apply Faux Mink Eyelashes

Applying fake lashes isn’t a simple thing, especially for beginners. If you are looking for the right way to put on your fake lashes, here is the right place.

  1. Remove lashes

I know this sounds cliche,” like why is she talking about that like I do not know how to do it?” But this is something a lot of people struggle with. Sometimes you would ripe the lash right off the paper which may destroy it or them both. So, when you are removing them, bend the paper backward, allowing them to kind of hang in thin air then pull them out from the roots going up.

  1. Measure lashes with eye shape

Put the lash in the middle of your natural eyelashes and try to place it throughout your eyelash and see if it fits. You do not want to wear an oversize or downsized lash and destroy your amazing look, now do you? So to keep from that, measure the lash and if does not fit cut. Do not cut it just anywhere but from the end and not the front side to prevent it from getting destroyed or looking weird.

  1. Apply glue to lash band

When you are satisfied with the sitting of the lash, you can now apply glue to the band. When adding glue, make sure to use a glue brush or glue with a brush to evenly distribute the glue. Use glue that is clear or white glue that turns translucent and does not leave that lash looking messy. Do not put excess that it takes long to dry, apply enough so that it looks beautiful and not messy. Allow the glue to not completely dry but dry enough to let the lash stay on all day long.

  1. Apply the lashes

Now that the glue is dry and ready to be placed, make sure that you place the lash at the center like you did when measuring. Allow it to stick. Press with your finger tips and allow it to stick. Then start from the back by sticking them then move to the front in a horizontal manner. Keep applying pressure across the whole lash and make sure your falsies are sticking closely to your eyelashes. After you are done with setting your falsies, you can reapply your eyeliner just to make sure it looks sexy and to give it more glow. This also allows you to cover up the not so excess glue from the top of your lash.

  1. Apply mascara

Applying mascara to your falsies gives them an extra ounce of drama and sexiness. Putting the mascara before putting on your falsies makes them look hard and stiff, but if you apply the mascara after sticking the falsie, it gives them a glow and as you apply the mascara, it allows the falsies and your lashes to be evenly attached and not detached. This makes you look beautiful and make your eyes the center of attention.

After enjoying your look and making all heads turn and hats put off, it is time to put your lashes off. When it is time to take you lashes off make sure you do it with care and do not just pull them. Faux-mink lashes can be reused more than 10 times, so how you take them off and care for them is very important. I will give you tips to make your lashes last long and still look amazing even though they have been used.

While the technique of wearing fake eyelashes is important, choosing the best fake eyelashes is the top priority. Always remember that your health is most important.

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