How To Become A Fashion Vlogger: An Ultimate Guide

Fashion is a part of everyone’s life. When you see an influencer trying something new, you also imitate it. Many people like clothes, some love jewellery, makeup and much more, and a few people want to talk about and showcase the latest trends with other people. These are fashion vloggers. They make videos to discuss and share their latest trends in the fashion industry. For example, they make videos on how-to topics. It includes themes like mismatching clothes, choosing the right jewellery, or wearing a dupatta in different styles.

Fashion vlogs have seen a massive rise with the increasing growth of digital content. Some vloggers make videos because they love fashion, while some have turned their work into passion. There is a lot of fame and money associated with this domain. Hence, it is steadily becoming a preferred profession for many individuals. 

This blog will explain the A-Z of becoming a fashion vlogger. So let’s start this journey.

Understand the difference between fashion vloggers vs bloggers

Before diving into the world of fashion vlogging, it is crucial to clear some concepts. People often get confused with the titles fashion bloggers and vloggers. Though they are similar in purpose, they differ in execution. A fashion vlogger generates video content for social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and many more.

In comparison, a fashion blogger has a personal website or blog. They provide daily updates and photos of the current trends in written format. Currently, fashion vlogging and blogging on the internet is becoming common. One can have both a YouTube channel and a website and post similar content in different formats at the same time.

How to become a fashion vlogger:

1) Find the niche target audience.

Fashion is an enormous industry. The market could range from clothing, accessories, and makeup to other items. It varies from a variety of genres, styles, and brands. It keeps evolving with time. So, the first step in this journey is to find a niche audience. For better results in digital space, you need to know for whom you are making vlogs. You can’t impress everyone, so choose whom you want to cater to for your content. It will help you create a specific fan base and reach out to the right people.

Furthermore, it allows you to concentrate all your efforts on creating unique content. Moreover, with the help of a video editor, you can create engaging videos. It will meet your audience’s expectations, and you will encounter less competition on social media.

2) Choose the right topic for the content.

Choosing the correct theme for the channel is vital, apart from the right audience. Fashion vloggers’ videos cover many topics. Below are a few examples of popular fashion vlogs:

Style tips: It is quite a popular form of fashion content that advises styling. For example, the best ways to drape a saree.

Fashion care tips: It is also one of the famous types of video content in fashion. Here, instead of style tips, one shares practical knowledge. For example, how to choose the correct length for a traditional saree blouse.

Closet tour: In this type of video, viewers can see the vlogger’s closet behind the scenes. It can add a personal touch to videos.

Outfit ideas: It is a simple way to suggest fashion clothing to the audience—for instance, five different ways to wear a shirt.

3) Shoot the videos.

Execution is essential in vlogging. If you shoot a video that is dull and monotonous, nobody will like it. So try to be fun and exciting in every frame. Make sure you use the right angles and shots. They play a vital role in making videos look better. Use a high-quality video camera. You can directly shoot from a good video editor rather than a professional camera.

4) Start a fashion vlog channel.

Launching a fashion vlog channel is not difficult. All you require is constant passion and remarkable content ideas. If you already have many followers on Instagram or Facebook, building an audience on a platform like YouTube will be easy. Create a YT account, and all you need is to ask your audience to subscribe to it. However, if you have to start from scratch, it will take some time. Create more content with a good video editor. It will aid you in building an audience base. The right target audience and content concept will boost your growth in this situation.

5) Promote your vlogs.

What’s the point of creating impressive videos if few are to watch? The audience will not come to you; you have to reach out to them. There is a massive amount of content online. With the help of a simple video editor, people watch more videos. Your target audience might be unaware of your existence. So, show your presence with social media promotion. Make extra efforts to develop promotion tactics to help you stand out in the competition. So get your social media marketing plan ready. Request your viewers to like, comment, and spread your video content. Maintain consistency in your promotions across all mediums.

6) Monetize your videos.

Fashion vlogging not only makes you popular, but you can also earn handsome money if you know how to create content. Here are a few ways to generate income from fashion blogging. 


Allowing adverts on your video is a simple method to create income. Adverts will appear after a specific number of view hours, subscribers, and likes. The creators receive a part of the money based on the platform’s rules. 


Attracting sponsorships or brand collaborations isn’t tough if you are a well-known influencer. You can approach brands to collaborate for videos that share your interests and style.

Affiliate marketing

You can recommend products to your viewers. In exchange, get a commission each time someone makes a purchase after clicking on a link shared by you.

Online mentorship

A fashion vlogger can also earn through online coaching. One can express personal thoughts on a subject of interest or promote large brands’ marketing activities.

To conclude, fashion vlogging can be an energising, satisfying, and financially rewarding experience. And with the digital boom, it is also becoming a lucrative profession. With the proper steps, anyone can become a good fashion vlogger. Follow the guide explained above for better results. Moreover, try to bring your love for fashion on screen. Show your personality and keep videos genuine. Fashion is not always consistent; it keeps changing. So look for new trends. Understand analytics and try to create content that your audience loves. Now is the time to show your passion for fashion to the world. Don’t wait; get started!

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