How to Propose 101: Nine Things to Do Before Proposing to Your Girlfriend

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Suppose you have finally reached the stage where you decide to propose to your lady love. She might be your high-school sweetheart. Perhaps, you might have bumped into her at a local bar. Or an unexpected encounter at the café might have hit you with the realization that she’s the one. Whatever the case, you have found your girl, and now is the best time to make her stick with you to share the rest of your life.

Proposing to your girlfriend, beyond doubt, is a significant undertaking. You are anxious (of course), and you might be unsure how to go about this. However, one thing is for sure – it is all about your woman of dreams. Most girls from their adolescence dream of a fairytale wedding right until the moment their boyfriend pops the question, ‘will you marry me?’ However, a few women also exist whose ideal marriage proposal is far from a Disney movie. And in no way do they wish to get treated like the princess.

Just because you wish to flaunt your girl to the world and boast as a newly engaged couple doesn’t mean you should go for it. Maybe your girl finds such things cringe-worthy, or perhaps she loves the idea of it. The fact is, take a mental note of your woman’s preferences beforehand since it is an equally important day for her.

So, before you go down on your knees, let’s get you prepared with some essential tips so that the long-awaited moment of your life goes without a hitch:

  • Don’t forget to buy the ring

First things first – seal the deal with a stylish yet elegant ring that fits your girlfriends’ finger. And search for trusted stores such as to pick unique and bespoke designs for engagement rings.

Uncertain which type of ring to select? Try to have a quick confab to learn about her jewelry choices.

Wouldn’t this blow the surprise? – you may have this question. Well, indicating your intent will spice things up and add an element of excitement. Once done with an engagement ring, you can get weaving for other tasks.

  • Talk to the parents

A bit of a traditional approach? Sure, it is essential? And yes, to some extent.

Though your girlfriend is not a giveaway material, still, daughters have very close ties with their father. Also, some girls are family-oriented and like to confess ‘I do’ in front of the closest ones.

Therefore, let the parents know how much you love their daughter and keep them involved from the beginning. Friendly relations with parents will make the whole proposal cinch.

  • Hire the best photographers

Accept it or not, everything is about the glam these days. So, get the ball rolling and save your love story behind the lens.

Hire the most proficient and skilled wedding photographers or ask a friend with a high-quality camera to capture memorable moments. However, ensure that they remain unseen yet click epic shots.

A pro tip is to book a session and get your engagement photos done after the proposal. That way, you can also announce the news in your circle and cherish the memories forever.

  • Private or public?

A proposal centered around your soon-to-be fiancé’s personality is a perfect idea. Does she like the attention and wish to get surrounded by people? Does your girlfriend have always wanted her dream proposal at the kiss camera on the NBA game? Then, let’s do it that way.

However, if she gets uncomfortable with loads of attention, then keep it simple and romantic. Maybe the place where you two met first is an ideal option.

Your girlfriend will most definitely appreciate and love the thought you have put into it.

  • Spell your words

Tap into your creative skills and make it an exceptionally unique proposal. Spell out your words with chalk or spray them on the walkway.

If you wish to snap incredible surprise reactions, get a banner and place it outside your girlfriend’s home or office. However, ensure to hide her real name. Instead, use the endearment terms or the one you use personally.

And if she’s a food freak, surprise her with sweet frosting cupcakes that melt into the mouth ever so smoothly.

  • Keep the best friends in the loop

Women share everything with their girl best friends – a universal fact. So, before you set the wheels in motion, pull her friends aside and ask for the crucial intel. For example, figure out if your girlfriend is fond of a magnificent proposal or a private one.

And the plus point? Not only do BFFs give fruitful insights, but they will also help you with the arrangements.

  • Candle lights and flowers can set the mood right

Whether you decide to propose to her at home, restaurant, hotel, or beach, adorn the place with flowers, balloons, and many candles.

And if you have watched Simpsons, you should probably remember the episode when Homer presents a fully loaded chocolate box to Mr. Burns. Along with the family picture attached to its underside. Well, now is the time to implement this idea.

Don’t forget to bring along with you a gift hamper for your girlfriend. Fill it with makeup and skincare products from her favorite brands. And voila, you are all set!

  • Prepare full-of-love vows

Since words hold immense power, therefore, ensure to prepare an outstanding and phenomenal speech. Tell your girlfriend how she has brightened up your life and is a source of happiness. Let her know what you like the most about her and how you love the way she is.

Don’t forget to share the incident or memory that brought you two together – it might make her either cry or laugh. Then, speak hearty vows and promise the togetherness of a lifetime.

  • Pop the question

The big day is finally here! So get champagne bottles ready and your selfie camera on standby.

Kneel or not kneel? – it’s entirely your call. In the heat of the moment, most guys forget to kneel, and it’s completely okay. Instead, the excitement and the surprise are enough for your girl not to pay any heed to minor details.

Pluck out the ring from the box. Gather the courage, get your thoughts straight, breathe deeply, make steady eye contact, and get ready to deliver the sentimental speech you prepared.

Let the sparks fly, and let the magic do its wonders. Give your partner some time to register the moment. And when she finally says YES, insert the ring on her left hand to make it official. Here’s to celebrating a lifetime of happiness together!

Final Words

The day of the proposal is exceptionally unique and extra special. However, it is wholly dependent on your girlfriend what kind of proposal she likes – either an extravagant or a simple intimate one. Still, don’t go much overboard and get yourself bogged down with too many details. Else, you might end up getting ham-fisted.

While you may take inspiration from these ideas; however, always remember that it’s YOU who knows your girl the most. So, feel free to wing these tips accordingly. And if something goes wrong, don’t feel downhearted. It’s your real life, not a rom-com movie. Instead, ensure to enjoy it to the utmost and relish the sweet moments.

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