Secrets To Hosting a Great Pool Party

Are you counting down the days to summer and host the best pool party your neighborhood has ever seen? Throwing a pool party demands more than just a pool; several components come together to make it fun and unforgettable. From the curation of a unique guest list to choosing a theme and even your choice of music, this page tackles all the essentials to hosting the best pool party in this article. You can take a tip or two for your upcoming get-together.

Send out your invitation with some ground rules.

Pool parties are a great way for family and friends to cool off during the hotter days. They give you a break from your favorite white straight leg jeans, white denim, jackets, and high-rise shorts. And it allows you to bask freely in the sun in your best swimwear. As much as possible, your pool party should sound exciting to potential guests, exciting enough for them to want to be there. The first way to entice your guests is through your invites.

You can make your invites or print some templates from the internet. Working around a theme makes the invites easier and more fun to make. Make every invite vibrant and extremely fun to read through. If you want your guests to bring certain staple items, include them on the invitation.

Pool floats are necessary.

There’s no successful pool party without fun pool floats and a floating pool umbrella. These are great picturesque necessities that are highly functional too. Floats can be used for lounging in the water. And when you have the float or pool umbrella in the form of a unicorn, ice cream, or pizza slice, it makes your photos more exciting. A floating umbrella is perfect for those that want to enjoy the water without having to worry about too much sun exposure. Some floating umbrellas even have a cup holder so that you can enjoy drinks in the pool with proper sunshades.

Make your poolside cozy.

Imagine your friends and family receiving your invite, and making their way to your home only to find that there’s nowhere to relax before entering the pool. Some people might be present for a party but may decide at the last minute not to swim and hang around the pool instead.

Make your poolside cozier with help of comfortable lounge chairs. Multiple seating options allow friends to get their tan on while watching you swim. They’re even great for those who are taking breaks from the pool. When choosing your chairs, consider the options that recline in different positions to further improve comfort and ultimate relaxation.

Have a sunscreen station.

Tanning is a great thing to do by the poolside, but so is applying your sunscreen. Some guests might forget to pack sunscreen even after reading about it on your invite. With the sunscreen station, everyone gets access to sunscreen if they ever need it. Swimmers might need to reapply sunscreen after their swim, and your station will be of immense help.

Your sunscreen station doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple table with different kinds of sunscreen on it will suffice. You can also alternate with a lotion and spray bottle sunscreen to give your guests options.

There’s no party without music.

Every party needs a great playlist, even a pool party! Summertime pool parties are meant to be fun, so your playlist needs to give off that effect. If you’re not good at putting songs together, you can rely on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, as they have many different curated playlists. These playlists can keep going nonstop without any annoying ads cutting through.

Another thing you need in addition to music is a great speaker. This is to help get your music loud enough for everyone to enjoy. As much as possible, invest in waterproof speakers since they’ll be by the poolside and consider additional features like Bluetooth, making it easier to play music across devices.

These tips will help you throw the best pool party for the summer.

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