Things To Consider For A Fabulous Beach Wedding at Northern Beaches

Things To Consider For A Fabulous Beach Wedding at Northern Beaches

Northern beaches is a region in Northern Sydney with a coastline of breathtaking beaches. It is also one of the most popular international surfing destinations. As such, it has marked its legacy on history as the birthplace of Australian surfing. While swimming and surfing activities are the most common sights in the area, there is another event worth celebrating in Northern Beaches: a wedding.

In 2020, seven out of the top 10 destination wedding locations involved water. And six out of the 7 are beaches. Outdoor weddings have never been more trendy than now! So, when you think of destination weddings, think beach weddings in Northern Beaches. Definitely, modern and chic. Sydney’s Northern Beaches is an excellent 40-kilometre stretch of clean coastline from Manly to Palm Beach, facing the Pacific Ocean. Each of the 23 beaches along this coastline boasts of exclusive and distinct character and harbourfront activities, the perfect destination for anyone’s dream wedding.


The primary reason couples choose a beach venue is the romantic flavour it will give their special event. These venues allow the sea and skyline to be the magnificent backdrop, with the ocean waves giving special musical effects accompanying the wedding ensemble and the scent of the sea refreshing the guests.


Top Things to Watch Out for in Planning a Beach Wedding:

  1. Location. Location. Location.


The impact of the venue cannot be overemphasised when you plan an outdoor wedding. Experienced event professionals who have built the skill to handle a beach wedding will tell you that the top three factors for a fabulous wedding are location, location, and location. All other details depend much on this – the ceremony, reception, photos, and videos.


A good wedding venue should be able to accommodate your entire guest list comfortably. Considering the current global condition, an outdoor wedding with a massive open space is your safest bet.


  1. Ceremony

From the bride’s walk to the exchanging of vows, wind plays a significant factor. First, a wedding veil is a traditional accessory which the bride might refuse to ditch even with the possibility of wind enveloping her head with the veil. So, to avoid this major blunder, choose a veil of lighter material that compliments the gown. It should be relatively shorter in length; either shoulder-length or elbow length, and should be detachable from a headpiece, so it is easier to remove when it is no longer needed.

Ensure that the venue provides a professional sound system so that the vows and the whole rites will be clear over the sounds of the crashing waves.

  1. Reception


If you want candlelights for a sunset dinner, consider the wind forecast for that day as well as the bug situation. As for the weather, an event venue will always have a backup plan. Besides, they know their setting so well that they will advise you ahead on possibilities – general weather, high tide, crashing waves, and wind strength along the shore.


  1. Photographs and Video

Beach weddings are challenging events to cover, with all the equipment you need. But imagine the volume of shots you can come up with in an open, natural setting like in the case of beach weddings in Northern Beaches.



Without a doubt, weddings are a significant event in a person’s life, which is much awaited and must be well planned. It is but natural that a lot of resources are poured into it. You might as well consider getting married in a scenic location so that you and your guests can unwind in a relaxed setting and have the most memorable experience of your lifetime.

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