Tips for Using Pure Essential Oils for Favourable Results

Essential oils are distilled from plants that are aromatic and beneficial. These oils, such as Love Thy Oils, contain specific chemical substances, depending on the plants they are derived from. Some popular concoctions are lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, rose, frankincense, and tea tree oil. But there are many other known essential oils, all of them offering health and well-being benefits to the users.


How to Use Pure Essential Oils?

Aside from skincare, you can use essential oils in several ways. You may apply them topically, diffused for inhalation, for cleaning, etc. If you want to address an emotional or internal concern, consider inhaling these oils. Many studies have revealed that aromatherapy through inhalation is beneficial for individuals who are dealing with depressive symptoms, anxiety, menstrual pain, and mental focus.

The following are popular ways to use essential oils:


  • Dry evaporation. For this, put several drops of essential oil on a tissue or cotton ball, and let it evaporate around the room. You may sniff the tissue or cotton ball for an intense dose. You may leave it somewhere within your vicinity for more constant and mild exposure; for example, place it on your bedside table or on your desk while working.


  • With a diffuser. When you use a diffuser, the device vaporizes the oil, turning it into microdroplets. Add oil into a diffuser, often with heat or water, to help them evaporate. If you want to smell the scent of a specific essential oil in your room, for example, to help increase relaxation while doing your yoga, using a diffuser is a great option.


  • If you want to try this method, add drops of essential oils in a bowl with water. The water should be hot to vaporize the oils much faster. It is better to put a towel above your head, covering the bowl of water as well, while breathing the substance deeply. This method is quite strong, so make sure to close your eyes as you inhale the mixture. For example, add eucalyptus oil in the bowl to alleviate a sinus infection or upper respiratory condition.


  • Add drops of your favourite pure essential oils to a water-based solution to set the desired mood or deodorize a room. For example, choosing peppermint oil to encourage vitality and alertness or using citrus oil to increase a cheerful or holiday feel. You may also use the spray method as a cleaning solution for your yoga mat.


In terms of well-being, using essential oils like Love Thy Oils through topical application and bathing is also effective. The pure essential oil you select and your desired effect are factors that affect the suitable application method. Certain essential oils are better for inhalation or require more dilution, as their chemistry can cause skin irritation.


Some additional tips are:


  • Topical application or inhalation method can help address mood issues.
  • When used in the bath, you may use topical absorption or inhalation.
  • If you want to treat a physical wound, opt for topical application


Pure essential oils like Love Thy Oils have proven to bring benefits to your psychological and physical health. Regular use can help improve hair and skin. You may also simply open a bottle of essential oil, take a sniff, and observe its effect on you. Make sure to choose high-quality products from a reputable brand.

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