Being a bag lover, one must know about it all so that we can invest for the best. Here you will get to know about amazing bags.


Want to carry just basic essentials like a cellphone, lipstick, and money then a clutch is the best option to go with. Easy to carry and lightweight for lunch or movie evening. Even if you are for a wedding or gala you can grab the spotlight with fancy sparkling clutches.

Hobo Bags

These are crescent shape bags made with softer material and have a lot of space. The best option to avail while you are traveling as it has so much space to hole your much stuff even like traveling pillow. It has two straps one for the shoulder and another one to hold on hand


It is the misconception that backpacks are only for students. These are in trend with amazing fashionable designs and sizes. These bags are easy to carry everywhere by wearing it on the back supported by the shoulders. We can carry our all-daily life stuff in it like snacks, wallets, or even laptops depending on the size of a backpack.

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Totes Bags

These bags are like a shopper and can be the best when you have to carry more stuff than usual. These bags are best for the working ladies as they radiate class and style while you can carry lots of stuff in them. Always go for the wider straps to prevent your shoulders from painful digging.

Messenger Bags

Want your belongings to be organized in the backpack-type bags then go with messenger bags. these bags ensure that your stuff is protected and well organized, available in more stylish pieces whether for going to the class, office, or catching the flight keep your stuff safe and secure with these bags.

Sling (Crossbody) Bags

A perfect choice for every day. It can be worn over a shoulder sets your both hands free so you can travel easily with chaos without any discomfort and add much elegance to your daily lifestyle statement. When you are purchasing a crossbody bag make sure the broad strap is easily moveable and adjustable perfectly.

Satchel Bags

The best choice for an everyday handbag especially for the workplace. These bags have a flat bottom and double straps either to carry on shoulders or as a backpack. It can carry a lot of stuff like a wallet, makeup, files, notebook, money, a small laptop, or a tablet. Always go for the darker tone satchel at the time of purchasing as the dark tone hide all the stains as using it every day can cause the stains.

Baguette Bags

These bags never ran out of fashion trend in UK while ditching the totes and shoulder bags as they can carry your essential stuff. These bags are available in a huge variety of styles, designs, and sizes. These bags are also available with removable straps to use as a clutch or crossbody bag.

Top-Handle Bags

In comparison with other handbags, top-handle bags are the ones that radiate so much of elegance that have two handles at the top. These bags go with all like florals dresses, casual wear, or even with power suits from day to night. Get the best top-handle bags inspiration from the Duchess Of Cambridge.


These are like clutches as they are small but not clutches in real as they are hard-case, more rigid, and fancy with lots of fancy artwork and can carry only the minimal essential stuff like keys, lipstick, and money. These are available in many shapes and designs. They are small but capable enough to get the spotlight.

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