Top Newborn Baby Clothes Ideas for a Father and Son Matching Outfit

Check out some of the newborn baby clothes you can purchase for a perfect father and son matching outfit.

As the mother, a father is a big blessing to their child, more so his son. The son will learn a lot about being a man from the father, and it is these teachings that he will cherish until death. For that reason, a father needs to be close to their sons as it is the only way they can create a strong bond that will enable open conversation. You can start this bond right from your son’s birth by purchasing matching outfits for both of them. Below are some of the ideas for a perfect father and son outfit.

Printed t-shirts

Nowadays, there are numerous t-shirt printing ideas available on the internet. You can select one of these ideas and ask a local t-shirt printer to execute the design on some plain t-shirts you have already bought. You can also find already-printed father and son matching printed t-shirts at a local clothes store or e-commerce sites.

Foodie t-shirt

Your small boy will always be a treat to the eye of the parent. Therefore, you can buy matching t-shirts with an imprint of your favourite food. Ensure to buy newborn baby clothes that are made of soft materials and easy to wear.

Same colour plain t-shirts

Plain t-shirts can also showcase your bond if they have a similar colour shade. For example, you can buy your sine a blue t-shirt and ensure that you have a t-shirt or shirt with the same colour shade.

Button-down shirts

Wearing a matching button-down shirt with your son is a style statement that is noticeable from far, especially when the father is holding the baby. However, you should ensure that the material for the baby’s shirt is made of baby-friendly materials.

Matching dress shirts

Little boys always look good in dress shirts, and seeing their father wearing the same outfit will add uniqueness to the outfit. Your son will also feel good about looking like an adult.

Winter outfits

If you wish to go out with your son during the cold months, you can buy them a hoodie or jacket with a design similar to what you will be wearing. This way, your son will look like a tiny version of you even if the colours are not matching.

Beach wear

Are you planning to go to the beach with your baby boy? The father and son can wear the same navy blue or yellow shorts. Your son’s shorts can have some prints, like dolphins, to make them more exciting.

Sporty outfits

A matching jersey t-shirt is a perfect outfit for a father and son when spending some time at football games. You can choose a jersey for your favourite local football team and have your names written at the back.

Casual wear

A good example of a casual matching outfit is a pairing around neck t-shirts and blue jeans. The colour of your son’s t-shirt doesn’t have to match yours as the matching style is easy to notice.

Matching sleepwear

You can also buy pyjamas with similar implants or colours. Your son will always like it when you wear your matching pyjama and take him to sleep.

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