Uses Of Pvc Patches In Military And Law Enforcement

Morale patches have a long-standing history with the American military, and they’re given out to soldiers for different reasons. While allowing soldiers to identify with certain brigades, these patches produce an understood relationship among these fighters, making them more attached to the military. The British used to have “battle patches,” but Americans adopted this concept during WWI. Since then, a morale patch has become common among servicemen. Among these badges, PVC patches are popular. That’s why we have dedicated this article to the importance of PVC patches and the reasons why people should purchase these emblems. So, let’s talk about using these patches in the military sector.

What are PVC patches?

These patches are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This artificial plastic polymer has been used in the clothing industry since the 20th century; today, over 40 million tons are manufactured of PVC. So, PVC fabrics are famous and have found acceptance in the clothing industry since they’re fantastic for the synthesis of shoes, aprons, and jackets. Besides these garments, manufacturers utilize PVC to synthesize patches as well. We should remind you that PVC comes in two forms, i.e., rigid and flexible. However, we are interested only in flexible, comfortable, and rubber-like PVC products. These patches can withstand extreme heat and cold, so they are just perfect for military people and other law-enforcement people.

These durable emblems are your modern-day alternatives to traditional embroidered patches. They are custom-made for soldiers who must survive in different environments. You may now easily order quality PVC patches online,depending on your use or need.

You’ve probably seen some soldiers proudly displaying these patches on the upper left arm of their military uniforms. Thus, an individual can express the identity of their brigade easily. Now, you can attach these patches to garments and metal surfaces (magnetic backing). Also, buyers may stick them to a surface for short periods (sticker backing) and then remove them for later use. Now, let us discuss their different types.

What are the different types of PVC patches?

We stated that PVC patches had replaced old-fashioned embroidered patches. It’s because these PVC-supported emblems don’t fade and are waterproof. As a result, our law enforcement agencies members may wear them for several years and clean them easily with a wet cloth. However, these patches aren’t only purchased by soldiers. You can design these patches and order them online to decorate anything you’re willing to decorate. Let’s discuss some different types of PVC patches online sellers permit you to make:

  • Custom PVC Patches:– They are the ones we’re discussing here.
  • Custom Woven Patches:- Create detailed designs for your garments.
  • Custom Embroidered Patches:- They follow the retro patches-making style.
  • Custom Leather Patches:– Place them on your jeans, gloves, and beanies easily.
  • Custom Chenille Patches:– Varsity students utilize these patches to identify themselves.
  • Custom Printed Patches:– Customers can print all sorts of memes and photos on these patches.

Even though these patches are soft, they give you a rugged appearance. That’s why they’ve become the most common patches found in the military right now! Moreover, they are available in different shapes and sizes. So you can create, design, and order as many as you want. But can you wear military patches on your clothes? Surprisingly, the law doesn’t forbid civilians from displaying any PVC patches on their garments. But remember that some people may assume you’re a veteran of the army!

What are some benefits of soldiers using these patches?

We’ve discussed how PVC patches are worn by the members of the law enforcement agencies today. An individual can easily order them online after customizing and redesigning them. Now, let’s discuss how people in the USA wear various patches. Here are some basic types of PVC patches worn now:

  • Flag PVC Patches
  • Army PVC Patches
  • Police PVC Patches
  • Morale PVC Patches

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of using these PVC patches and how they are better than traditionally-utilized embroidered patches. Remember that the military widely uses these patches as they are far more reliable than other kinds of patches. Now, here are the benefits of using PVC patches in 2022:

  • You can mold PVC patches into any size, color, or shape you desire.
  • The writing on these patches doesn’t fade easily and remains there for a long time.
  • Wiping them with a towel easily cleans them, and you don’t have to worry about dirtying PVC patches.
  • We’ve already mentioned how you can order these products with sticker/magnetic backing. So, some soldiers prefer they come with a Velcro backing instead.
  • The color of these PVC patches doesn’t fade and remains vibrant no matter how tough the event goes! That’s why SWAT, police, and military people adore these patches.
  • Since the 1920s, trading and collecting morale patches has remained a popular pastime among veterans. So, you can assume the hobby of gathering ancient PVC patches for fun!
  • Since these patches are rugged, waterproof, and wear-resistant, they are ideal for outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if it rains/snows; the weather won’t affect these patches. Therefore, a person can easily wear them for sports and then clean them later.


So, we have discussed the importance of PVC-synthesized morale-boosting patches. These patches are now worn by SWAT, police, and military people to raise morale and identify each other. They have found uses in non-military departments as well and have almost replaced embroidered patches. You can order them online, design them, customize them, and adorn them on civilian garments. Even trading as well as collecting these morale patches has become a hobby. Just don’t pretend to be a veteran wearing them.

Moreover, PVC patches are stylish, flexible, long-lasting, lightweight, and resistant to intense climates. You can clean them easily, but the insignia’s shape won’t fade. Also, the writing on the PVC patch won’t become illegible after a long time. These reasons show why users trust these patches to identify their loyalty to a certain institute. Moreover, you can mold them into any shape or color you desire. Hence, the military trusts these PVC patches and has been using them openly since WWI. Order some digitally!

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