What are the best earrings for newly pierced ears

Choosing best earrings for newly pierced ears can be a hard choice because there is a lot of propaganda about earring materials.  I consulted the with the experts to get more information on what jewelry they advise for opening ear piercings. Skip to the last part if you want the ‘too lengthy didn’t read’ side.

Here is what they recommend:


choose jewelry for a new piercing is obviously relatively different from shopping for a ring to have on on your finger.

Because body rings is worn inside a wound and is in contact with your inner tissues, only convinced products are suitable.

The appear of the jewelry that is located in your fresh piercing must be minor to aspects that affect safety and compatibility with your body. The size, fashion, stuff, and quality of the initial piece of jewelry all influence your capability to heal.

Remember that the piercing setting is fixed, but the jewelry can be distorted after you have effectively healed. Because the body jewelry industry is saturated with poor quality products, piercers and clients alike may overlook that cost by yourself should never be the key factor in your pay for. Consider the following when selecting body jewelry for a new piercing:

Jewelry Size and Style

Must be of appropriate length or diameter for your unique anatomy and the placement of the piercing. Jewelry that is too tight does not permit for air and blood motion or for the expulsion of normal secretion from the piercing. Ill-fitting jewelry increase the possibility of swelling, embedding, and other complications if too small, or contagious and excessive trauma, if too huge.

Must be of an appropriate gauge (thickness). The body may treat jewelry that is too thin in test like a splinter, ensuing in migration or rebuff.

Must be of a style suited to your build and the location of the piercing.

Jewelry Material

Of the frequent materials available, few have been confirmed appropriate for show off in fresh body piercings. Some metal alloys (mixtures) have been official based on medical usage (often as medical implants) and have definite designations that characterize a precise standard for the alloy and its quality as determined by the American (now International) Society for Testing and Materials Standard (ASTM) and/ or the International Standards Organization (ISO). Other materials, such as gold and obsidian (ordinary glass) have a long olden times of use in piercings dating back hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of years.

Bottom Line:

Piercing jewelry is worn inside a wound and is in contact with internal tissues, therefore your pick in earrings should be taken more critically than jewelry worn externally to the body like best nose rings that don’t fall out, bangle, bracelets, etc). The material, style, and class are all central when choose your earrings.

we recommend our Starter Studs for initial piercings, newly pierced ears, and ears with full of life infections. They are made with pure, biocompatible, medical grade titanium and are manufactured by a medical embed manufacturer in the US. They also come in rose gold, gold, and silver so you don’t have to sacrifice style while you heal. They are made so that Earrings You Can Wear 24/7 and not have to worry about them pulling or catching while you doze or when getting dressed.

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