It’s true what all the fashion icons and designers say; every piece of jewelry tells a story. It adorns the human body with a heavy dose of elegance and, well, sass.

However, wearing choker necklaces or a series of thumb rings may not always seem enough, let alone stylish. Because, unlike shoes and clothes, jewelry isn’t something you take on and off each day. So, it’s safe to say that jewelry trends can be more agnostic than, say, a dress or a handbag. And as the chilly season approaches, we can expect to see more playfulness in our accessories. So, what worked in the summer won’t work now. But thankfully, we’re here to steer your jewelry sense in the right direction.

Whether you’re a fan of jewelry that doubles as a work of art with crystal embellishments or minimalist pieces, we’ve curated a list of jewelry trends that you must start shopping for this winter.

  1. Textured & Sparkly Rings

Today, textured metal, more specifically known as hammered metal, is super popular right now. Hammered silver, copper, and gold are all over the runways on rings.

Besides that, sparkly jewelry is trendy and will look super cute with all your favorite winter outfits.

What we love most about textured and sparkly metal rings is that you may layer them if you want to add some more spice to your look. Moreover, if you’re into the gothic aesthetic, and need something that is both bold and dark, check out biker rings by Badass Jewelry. From here, you’ll find all sorts of rings made from sparkly and textured metal, just for your vibes.

2. The Chain Reaction

You’ve probably purchased a few chain pieces in previous seasons, and now is the time to not only show them off but also to purchase a few more. Chain jewelry, from locket charms to logos, is made to last the winter season and beyond. So, try it out!

3. Double the Fun

It is one of our favorite jewelry trends. It can get traced back to when Simon Porte, the creative mastermind behind the beloved brand Jacquemus. He first presented his newest and most luxurious line of accessories, including the ultra-stylish Le Petit Chiquito. The bag-as-necklace item is both practical and fashionable and was created for the confident, resilient woman. Its small size allows it to be worn uniquely, including a necklace for a statement-making impact. Whether you choose this tiny bag, Versace’s “more is more” method or Prada’s “It” girl pouch necklace; you’ll get twice as many compliments.

4. Floral Earrings

A pair of flower earrings are a must-have piece of jewelry for the winter season!

Flowers are very fashionable right now, and this includes jewelry. Even influencers are now promoting this jewelry trend. So, if you’re searching for the style of the perfect earring to wear this winter, we recommend you aim for the ones with flowers. They’re on-trend, glam, and will go with anything.

5. Necklaces with Pendants 

Minimalists will rejoice as another season of pared-down pendant necklaces arrives. There’s a pendant out there for you, whether you prefer a vintage-inspired piece or a shiny brass bauble. Already have a few? Layer different lengths together, as seen on the runways.

6. Pearls Carry Wisdom

Pearl-encrusted jewelry is graceful, thought-provoking, and it is especially appropriate in the winter months. To complement winter party outfits, choose a conventional oblong baroque shape or a round pearl.

7. Gold is Bold

Why not add a golden accent for those winter days?

Gold is a timeless staple that always brings joy. This winter, it is the metal of choice, from a sculptural ring to a chain necklace to a pair of chic hoops. It goes with every ensemble, takes you from day to night, and looks glamorous combined with other necklaces in your collection.

8. Rainbow Jewels

It’s all about color this winter. Malachite and Turquoise are the stars of fine jewelry. You can put on enamel earrings, rings in every color of the rainbow, and multi-colored stone necklaces. No doubt, this colorful and “joyful jewelry” trend is here to stay. There is no right or wrong way to wear these pieces. What makes these whimsical, fun pieces the ultimate mood boosters is that you can mix and match with whatever makes you happy. So, don’t shy away from colors!

9. Personalization is Acceptable

Personalized jewelry can be worn in various ways, from representing your astrological sign to wearing your initials. The most popular pieces are those that represent who you are in a very personal way. They are unique and special to the person wearing them, and that sentiment profoundly connects with people. Since COVID took the entire world by storm, many people have changed their shopping habits. Most people have lost their sense of frivolity and are looking for meaningful pieces. They’ve been reaching out for their everyday jewelry. And there’s nothing wrong in doing so.

In simpler words, a personalized accessory feels like a second skin, so wearing your skin in these chilly days won’t have you banned from society.


So, which one of these jewelry trends are you going to splurge over? That’s something – right? We know choosing will drive you crazy, but take a look at it this way; each of these jewelry trends will teach how to wear jewelry for any occasion. So, use these trends this winter to ensure you are not violating the boundaries of fashion decency.

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