Tips to Plan a Discreet Proposal for Your Significant Other

We all want our wedding proposal to be the best, right? We always have this thought at the back of our mind if our significant other would like the proposal or not. We also know that you would not care about going a bit overboard as you want your “someone special” to feel loved and unique. Well, if you are about to propose to your fiancé anytime soon, we understand that it can get a little nerve-wracking at times. Proposing to your partner and asking them to spend the rest of their lives with you by going down on your knee might seem a little daunting for many. But, don’t you worry. We want your proposal to be as special as you want it. We will make sure to give you some tips and tricks that will help you plan your proposal in the most discreet and unique way possible. Make your proposal a memorable one by making it the most amazing experience of your and your partner’s life.

Here are some ways to plan the proposal:

  1. Choose your favorite place

If you want to go big and propose out there in public, nothing like it! Your fiancé would feel very special if you do so. You can choose a place that is very dear to you. It can be the place where you first met your partner or your favorite dinner place. You can add a special touch to it by asking someone to click a picture of you guys and instead of posing go down on your knee. Or, you can talk to the waiter and tell them to slide the ring in your partner’s drink. We are sure that they won’t be expecting this gesture and will be caught off guard when you propose to them.

  1. Authentic destination proposal

A getaway sounds nice, no? How about a place that you both always wanted to visit? It would be perfect and very romantic. Besides, now your partner has a proposal flaunt-worthy enough. Here, you can propose anywhere you like. While you are on a beach taking a walk, having dinner in a romantic hotel, or even on a flight! You can use the loudspeaker system and propose to your partner 40,000 feet above the ground. Isn’t it just incredibly amazing? Also, you can opt for a way that is traditionally famous. For example, if you are in Rajasthan, and you are on a camel safari, take the help of the sand in the desert and write your question down with a stick. This will be very intimate and surprising.

  1. A homemade proposal with the help of some games

Many of you guys would love to have both of your parents when you propose. This is a very special moment for all the family members as well. You can go down on your knees at a family get-together and surprise everyone including your partner. You can make it a little playful by including your parents in it as well. Play a game (learn more about H game) like Dumb Charades and mimic your sentence by asking your partner to marry you. Or, you can also hide some notes where you have penned down your feelings for your partner and hide them with some respective clues and ask them to find them. The final clue will bear the main question, “Will you marry me?” We are sure they will be shocked and happy as they won’t be expecting this.

  1. A secretive proposal at the workplace

There are chances of meeting your life partner at your workplace, right? Well, we are sure many of you guys must have met your partner at work. If that is the case, why not propose at your office, where your story started? This will bring back all the good old memories of when you initially started dating. Romantic, isn’t it? You can also add your colleagues to this. Make them hold the block letter of “marry me” and surprise your partner when they walk in. You can also hide somewhere and play a romantic song for your partner when they walk in. Another amazing idea is to make an entry singing a song and then going down on your knee.

These were some ways you can surprise your partner in the most unique and discreet manner and make them feel loved and special. We guarantee you that they will be in awe and accept your love for them. Also, focusing on the type of ring that your partner will love is a very important aspect to be considered. Be sure that the engagement ring settings are intact and the size is perfect. You can shop engagement rings online at some legitimate shops and get your partner a band that they truly deserve.

You can also shop for engraved rings as they are trending. An engraved diamond ring includes a personal inscription on the inside of the ring. It can be anything like your names or printed voice messages and a lot more. You can go ahead and personalize your ring by shopping for lab grown diamonds and choosing a ring setting with the engraving that you want.

If you’re confused about what engraving you should include in the ring, than fret not, because we’re here for your help. We’ve listed below some ideas for ring engravings that you can surprise your significant other with:

  • Wedding Date/Date of Proposal

Getting your wedding date or the date you proposed to your partner engraved on a ring can be the perfect way to never forget it! This engraving on a diamond ring is the most common one as it helps a couple remember one of the special days of their lives and understand the value of it. There are ample styles, fonts, and inscriptions you can choose from.

  • Your Names

Engrave you and your partner’s names on the ring for a personal touch of love. Everyone wears a ring, but only a few people adorn rings that have their partners and their names engraved on them. If you want to go a little minimalistic, then you can simply get your initials engraved on the ring. It will still be as special.

  • Quotes

If you want your partner to remember you with love and happiness whenever they look at their ring, then you can get short and simple quotes or words engraved on the ring. Words like ‘Forever’, ‘I love you’, ‘For eternity’ and more are quite popular and good options to consider.

You can also customize your diamond when shopping for an engagement ring. All you have to do is visit a certified diamond seller that offers the best lab created diamonds, than select the shape, color, and carat of the diamond. Pink diamond engagement rings are quite a trend today, so if you want to propose to your partner with a gorgeous engraved ring, then shop for lab diamond rings as they are ethical and cost a little lesser than mined diamonds.

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