A quick guide to taking care of t shirts for women

Are you worried about the life of your t shirts? T shirts for women may not last forever, but, indeed, there are ways to make them last longer. And, all that depends on how you wash and dry them. Yes, you have heard that right, the longevity of t shirts depends a lot on how you wash them and care for them. So here are a few tips that you need to adhere to for making your t shirts last longer:


Use cold water for washing

It is always advised to wash your t shirts in cold water instead of hot water as it can cause your t shirts to shrink and may make them lose their charm. Also, for a better t shirt care regime, you can consider reading the instruction manual on the slip attached to the sides of the t shirt to know about the actual washing policies of the t shirt that you have brought.


Usage of fabric softeners

Some detergents may seem to be harsh on T shirts for women , and thus it is always a good idea to use fabric softeners to skip over the wrinkles. Also, make sure that you take out the clothes from the dryer as soon as the dryer turns off.


Skip the dryer

It is advisable to not use the dryer for drying your t shirts; the heat from the dryers can cause your t shirts to fade off. Further, dryers can also cause pilling and can twist and stretch the sleeves of t shirts. Thus it is always advised to skip the dryer for t shirts and instead prefer drying them naturally. And if at all you are forced to dry your t shirts, make sure that you use the tumble dry mode at low intensity.


Use mesh laundry bags

You may find it easy to topple the tops for women inside the washing machine. But wait, did you check your t shirt before simply stashing it inside the washing machine? Does it have sequins? Does it have beads and other embellishments? If your t shirts are designer ones that have bead and sequins work, then make sure that you turn the t shirt inside-out before washing it in the machine. Also, ensure that you make use of mesh laundry bags for washing purposes so that your tops do not get entangled with other clothes, and you can save the embellishments from coming out of your t shirts.


Washing whites separately

Though this is some kind of a basic rule, but make sure that you practise this religiously. Do not mix your white coloured t shirts with other colours or all you will be getting is a new t shirt with some colourful patterns and we are pretty sure you won’t like to sight that, right? Hence, despite the emergency situation, do not try to wash your white coloured t shirts with any other colours. Further, to keep your white’s white forever, consider using a bluing agent to counteract the yellowing of white t shirts and keep them white for a more extended period.


Do not overload the machine

Sometimes when you have a week off, you may like to spend the day dedicating it for laundry. With full laundry baskets and too many t shirts to be washed, it may sound easy to put them all together in the washing machine. But never ever overload your washing machines. Everything has a capacity, and so does your washing machines. Loading the machine with t shirts will only cause them to get entangled during the washing process and may also hamper the fabric. So no to overloading and consider washing them in small batches to prolong the life of your t shirts.



We hope that we have given you enough pieces of advice to take care of your loveable  T shirts are no less than love for girls and are pieces of clothing that can stand fit for almost every type of event. Thus it is easy to predict how vital t shirts are for girls, right? But for these special pieces of clothing, it is also necessary to keep them with good care. So we hope you will follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your t shirts breathing fresh and new.

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