Ariana Grande Outfits

Ariana Grande Outfits

Ariana Grande Outfits

Ariana Grande Outfits: While Ariana Grande may have first gained recognition as a Nickelodeon actress, the 24-year-old is now a megastar who produces platinum albums and sells out shows across the globe. Of course, Ariana’s incredible music and acting careers aren’t her only accomplishments to date. The star has also developed an impeccable sense of style, which has cemented her as a fashion icon for countless women around the world. In this guide, we take a closer look at Ariana’s signature style and show you how you can recreate her favourite looks.

TBH, when it comes to Ariana Grande’s style, you could probably just get an oversized Sweetener sweatshirt and knee-high boots, and call it a day. But if you’re looking to mimic some of her most iconic looks to a T — from her classic “lampshade” outfit to her red carpet glam — you’ve come to the right place. (If you’d rather channel Ari’s “Thank U, Next” lewks, check out this article.)

Ariana Grande Outfits
Ariana Grande Outfits

Ariana Grande Performance Outfits

In one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend, Ariana Grande shined bright in a stunning array of outfits for her Coachella performance. She also made history as the fourth woman ever to headline the festival, and brought out N’SYNC, Nicki Minaj, and Diddy as special guests. The songstress is known for incorporating a futuristic vibe to her classic, doll-like silhouettes, and this weekend she did not disappoint.

Keeping with the vibe of the music festival, she kept the fantasy alive with rich colors, sparkling two-pieces, sexy bondage tops, towering platform stiletto boots, and, of course, her signature ponytail. The star worked with celebrity stylist Law Roach and wore custom looks by Michael Ngo and Versace. Ariana’s outfits ranged in intensity from a moody, deep plum ensemble with exaggerated shoulders to a glittering, iridescent two piece, all with the boots to match, obviously!

Ariana Grande Stage Outfits

Fit and Flare Dresses

Ariana’s style is undoubtedly feminine, flirty and fun. As such, she loves to wear both skirts and dresses. Fit and flare style dresses, which feature a fitted bodice and flared skirt, are some of her favourites. Not only do these dresses showcase the star’s petite fame, but they also create a playful appearance that suits her personality. To try the look for yourself, select a skater or A-line style dress in a feminine colour, print or design.


Who doesn’t love a matching set? We know Ariana does. The singer has been spotted countless times wearing coordinating pieces from her wardrobe. Many of her favourite co-ord looks include a miniskirt and crop top, but some feature a jacket, shorts or pants instead. Perfect for achieving a stunning head-to-toe look, Ariana selects sets that are youthful yet ladylike. To steal her style, try a matching look with a pastel or printed top and mini-skirt.


In recent years, Ariana has chosen to spice up her sweet look with the addition of leather. By doing so, she has been able to create a more mature appearance without sacrificing her signature style. Whether a black biker jacket over a floral dress or an all-over red leather ensemble, Ariana’s outfits are both chic and fierce. To try her leather look for yourself, start with a jacket and add a matching skirt if you’re feeling bold.

Ariana Grande Casual Outfits

Considering her sky-high heels and oversize sweatshirts, no one has mastered the art of petite dressing quite like Grande. Combine that with her knack for streetwear and athleisure ensembles, and you’ve got undeniably cool looks that just work. Not to mention these outfits look seriously comfy, making us want to copy them any chance we get.

To show you what we mean, we’ve rounded up the pop star’s best looks. Check them out below, and then let them be the inspiration for your own outfits. You’ll want to wear these looks every day.

Ariana Grande Casual Outfits
Ariana Grande Casual Outfits

Ariana Grande Met Gala Outfit

Ariana Grande showed up in a Vera Wang piece that was a reflection of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The theme for the Gala was Heavenly Bodies, and the young singer slew it entirely with her first ever appearance at the festival. She posed with poise and grace and did not look like someone who’s appearing there for the first time.

Ariana Grande White Outfit For Concert

Ariana Grande’s concert at the famous Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia was a huge hit and nothing short of a fairy tale for her fans – all because she looked like that and sang just as beautifully. With a white skirt and faux fur, Ariana melted people’s hearts away.

Ariana Grande All Black Leather Outfit

The not-so-little diva showed us that she could carry pristine whites in fur or badass blacks in leather. With the all-black bodycon dress leather boots and makeup that balances it all, she’s always been giving us serious goals.


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