Eight jewelry trends you should follow this year

Eight jewelry trends you should follow this year

Last year we all were in hibernation mode. Rarely, only on special occasions, we ever ventured out of our homes. It was certainly not a year for us. However, with the New Year 2021, we all are excited to step out of our homes.

With the only resolution of getting everything back to normalcy, we have to gear up. In 2020, most of us spent our time lounging in sweats and slippers. We pampered ourselves to the max by caring for our body and mental health. But hey, what about your wardrobe and other essential accessories?

The pandemic and online zoom sessions have ushered the era of waist-up dressing. It puts jewelry, especially earrings and necklaces, in the spotlight. Even though we maintain social distancing and wear masks, we all want to look good when going out in public.

So trends for accessories this year are all about details and functionality. We all want to express ourselves on zoom, with earrings that are subtle and dainty. We want headbands that can quickly style our hair.

Since 2020 was spent indoors, nothing monumental happened in the world of fashion and accessories. But that helped carry jewelry trends from 2020 into 2021. This means there is no way the dreamland jewelryyou bought last year is going to waste.

Spring/summer is the best time to show it off, whether gazing at the sea or walking in the streets. So if you love jewelry, check out the latest trends you should follow this year.

  1. Pearl accents:

Pearls are always so effortlessly classic and feminine. And when you pair or layer with another piece of jewelry, it gives a chic look. Pearl jewelry hit the trends last spring, but this year too, brands are all into pearls. Oceanic jewelry never goes out of style; hence, Designers have come up with new ways to incorporate them into your jewelry. Designers have embedded pearls into cuff links, earrings or hanged them as organic pendants. At the same time, some have attached pearls to strings, with smiley charms and colorful jewels.

  1. Layers on layers:

The post-pandemic fashion has embraced maximalism in jewelry. You can layer with chokers and chains or even drape yourself with body jewelry; this summer, there is no limit to accessorize. So with the weather getting warmer and clothing getting optional, wrap yourself with some empowering jewelry.

Go for a high-impact kind of jewelry look. Layer your neck with chokers and stack your fingers with rings. Follow that more-is-more style this year.

  1. Make it personal:

After keeping to ourselves in 2020, now everyone wants to express themselves and show their uniqueness. Personalized jewelry is flying off the shelves. Designers are now focusing on just-for-you jewelry trends.

From wearing your initials to repping your astrological sign, you can easily tailor it to your taste. Personalized jewelry is exceptionally unique. It resonates with the sentiments of an individual.

  1. Chains and links:

Statement jewelry is no more in trend. Chunky chains and super-sized hoops dominated the fashion industry last year. But this year, you will see hardware chains and rings evolving even further. They are even more oversized.

This year you will see them everywhere, on bags, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. It is an easier trend to incorporate into your wardrobe. Look for a more subtle chain necklace or linked earrings to make them more wearable—the chunkier, the better.

  1. Gold is bold:

Let’s add some golden touch to your jewelry on a bright sunny day. Gold is the metal of choice that trends this year, from a pair of chic hoops to a ring and a necklace. It is like a timeless staple that adds a spark to your happiness.

Gold can go out with any outfit; it looks fabulous whether you go to a lunch or a nightclub. Textured gold jewelry is even more trending. You’ll see it all over the runways in earrings, necklaces, cuffs.

  1. Color stories:

This year is all about colors. You will see a lot of rainbow colors around you, keeping your mood joyful. Multicolored stones are pretty eye-catching. Designers are using brightly colored enamels for fall 2021. Vibrant colors and energetic enamels provide a fashion pop.

From Fuchsia pink enamel that wraps around diamonds to green enameled cuffs, you will get so many fun options, and you’ll feel elevated.

  1. Nature-inspired jewelry:

Flora and fauna of nature are copping in our jewelry trends as charms and embedded motifs. You can go for small diamonds encrusted beetle-shaped earrings. It is time to appreciate these little backyar


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