What Is Eyebrow Stamp? All Details

Eyebrow Stamp

Eyebrow Stamp

Eyebrow stamp is a less permanent and pain-free option, and they are exactly what they sound like: eyebrow stamps in the shape of “perfect” arches. You rub them into a powder before stamping them on top of your brows. In less than six seconds, they’re supposed to give you bold, flawless eyebrows. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, they kind of are, if we’re being honest. eyebrow stamps tend to be a disaster in the making.

If you search #browstamp on Instagram or eyebrow stamps on YouTube, you’ll find video upon video of the stencils in action. One video, in particular, makes the stamps seem like they work wonders for everyone. If you saw this and only this, you’d probably be sold on them.

Eyebrow Stamp
Eyebrow Stamp

Does Eyebrow Stamp Is Work?

I went ahead and opened up the plastic package, excited about the prospect of an easier new brow product but skeptical about the range of shades. Because my hair is on the cooler side, it’s best for my complexion to use a grayish-beige color rather than a true brown. I usually have a hard time finding the correct shade. To my surprise, the Soft Brown hue was perfect, a mix of brown, beige, and gray that went perfectly with my coloring.

As per the directions, I moisturized my face (including the brow area). I opened up the powder compact and pressed the brow stamp onto the powder. I had to do a few swipes, moving it around a bit to fully coat the sponge to avoid bare spots. Then, I positioned the eyebrows stamp at my brow bone and gently placed it against my skin and pressed down. I removed the stamp and a fully filled-in brow was revealed.

Quite honestly, I was pretty shocked. Upon further inspection, there were a few spots I had to fix—remove some of the product in places and apply it more in others. It’s also important to note the shape of the brow sponge didn’t exactly line up with my arches. Since I have decidedly full, thick brows, I imagine those with smaller, more sparse brows would have even more of an issue with this.

Kiss Eyebrow Stamp

The Good: The powder is my favorite part of the whole kit. The color is perfect for me and it is long wear–even through 100+ degree days outdoors, my brows did not melt away. The shape of the stamps are perfect for my face shape and look natural. The double-ended brow brush and spoolie are great for softening the product and applying more product. So far I use the brow stamp daily and will continue to do so. The product is affordable at under $20.

The Bad: The stamps themselves are a bit tricky. I cannot get identical twin brows on both sides–may be distant cousins. I normally have to wipe off one brow and start over. The packaging could be a bit larger for those with long nails as the handle of the stamp is very short. I feel like there should be one big stamp to do both brows at the same time because I still cannot line these suckers up!

Kiss Eyebrow Stamp
Kiss Eyebrow Stamp

Do I Recommend? Yes and no. It depends! I feel like this product will frustrate those who normally do not fill in their brows on a daily basis. It does take a bit of work to brush out the product to create a softer natural-looking brow. Just stamping it and walking away from the mirror–that seems like a great idea, but that just didn’t happen for me. Makeup artists and those experienced with daily brow filling will find this as a quick method to get a general shape and fast. But if you’re not used to it, be prepared to spend a good half of a day trying to get these right.

I Envy Eyebrow Stamp

i-Envy by Kiss is Amazon’s best-selling brow stamp, which claims a “one-second shape and fills.” It comes with two stamps, brow powder (this color is “dark brown”), and a compact mirror.

Expectations: First of all, I had no idea WTF an eyebrow stamp was. So after some intense googling — JK, I did like one search — I found photos of what these stamps actually look like and I immediately thought, This is going to go terribly…sign me up!

Verdict: I think the photo pretty much says it all, but clearly this stamp did not work for me — I look like an Angry Bird. Also, I really don’t think it saved much time at all. If anything, it took longer than normal because I wanted to take my time “stamping” so it wasn’t all crooked? I’d only try this again if the stamp itself could be smaller/fit my natural brow line better.

Tip 1: Be sure your skin is moisturized with primer or liquid foundation before you start.
Tip 2: To pick up pigment, pat on the pressed powder with the eyebrow stamp.
Tip 3: Position the stamp at your brow bone to determine the desired placement. Then gently place the stamp against the skin and press. Touch up if needed.

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