Fashion Nova Models Share Their Secrets

Fashion Nova, the global fast-fashion brand, isn’t only famous for its incredible collection of trendy pieces but also for its choice of models.

In one of his interviews, Richard Saghian, the founder and CEO of Fashion Nova, revealed that the brand works with between 3,000 to 5,000 celebrity and influencer models. These models are from diverse races and backgrounds. They also have different body sizes and shapes to help create a more personal touch among the diverse audience.

But with all other factors remaining constant, we can say Fashion Nova has an unmatched taste when it comes to its choice of models. The models are drop-dead gorgeous! Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Janet Guzman, Amaya Colon, Tiffany Keller, YoditYemane, you name them.

If you are obsessed with these models, we’ve some good news for you. Some of them, including Janet Guzman and Amaya Colon, recently shared the secrets behind their killer looks and successful modeling career. Excited about this? Well, let’s look at what their secrets are.

Let’s begin with Janet Guzman. Janet is one of the frequent faces on Fashion Nova’s social media pages. She shares some tips on how to take attention-grabbing selfies like the ones on her social media pages. Janet says you should grab your phone, angle it upwards and then tilt your head a little. Do this, and you’ll note a huge difference in your selfies.

On dealing with insecurities as a model, Janet says the best way to handle this is by not letting the negative comments get to her and her personal life. This model says she has realized that what other people say about her doesn’t matter; what she thinks about herself is what matters. Such a great strategy to handle social media trolls; don’t let other people’s negative opinions get to you!

And the biggest secret to having high self-esteem is getting glammed up every day. She says a perfect glam makes her feel beautiful.

The other model who openly shared her secrets with the Nova fam is Amaya Colon. Amaya is another popular face on Fashion Nova pages.

This model reveals that she starts off her day by taking fruits and water. What a healthy breakfast, right? Maybe you can try it too.

One of her morning skincare routines that gives her a flawless look is using Maven beauty rose water prep & refresh spray. Spraying the rosewater spray on her face leaves her feeling refreshed.

This American model who’s originally from New Jersey has some advice for upcoming models. She urges them not to feel discouraged whenever someone tells them no or whenever they’re denied an opportunity because there might be another job waiting for them. And probably there’s a reason why they didn’t get that particular job.

Amaya also advises upcoming models not to look at other models and try to change their appearance in order to look like them. She says everyone is pretty in their own way.

As a parting shot, Amaya urges young people to stay true to themselves and do whatever makes them happy because people will always have something to say no matter what! So, the best thing one can do is focus on what’s right for them or what makes them happy.

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