Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speakers

Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speakers

Hoverboarding is all the rage this holiday season and odds are, someone you know got one for Christmas. Aside from the epic videos of people completely wiping out after trying them for the first time, the hoverboard is an exciting and innovative piece of technology that is sweeping the world.

Essentially a juiced-up skateboard, hoverboards glide across the ground on two wheels to whisk the rider to their desired destination. Some users can pick up and master the device within 10 minutes of riding it merely because of the ease of motion it takes to navigate, and the resemblance it has to other boarding activities. The hoverboard won’t be replacing bicycles anytime soon, but the growing trend gives a glimpse into the future of personal transportation.

The influx of companies attempting to capitalize on the new hoverboard trend has led to a drawback with the latest technology: cheaply made devices are exploding or catching fire. Factories in China have started to mass-produce hoverboards with low-quality lithium batteries that catch fire. Due to several reported incidents, US airlines have since banned the devices from all flights, and stores are rapidly taking down faulty product lines to combat the spread of low-quality units.

The purge of low-quality devices has given way to the rise of the higher quality hoverboard companies that are pushing the bounds on what the boards can do. One of those companies, Inexpensive Boards, has introduced a new model with a massive perk: attached Bluetooth speakers Swagtron T580


Now, as you are riding around, you can also play your favorite music directly through the hoverboard without WiFi or even cell service. The attached speakers make the hoverboard a bit clunkier, but the added weight is well worth it. The Bluetooth speakers are much better than your average laptop sound and will make your ride that much better.

In addition to Bluetooth speakers, the new model comes with a sleek travel bag, remote control, and charging cords. The slim gives the rider control over the LED lights that are infused throughout the board. As you move, two LED strips light up to show off a wide array of colors that you won’t find on other hoverboards.

The durable wheels make traveling both indoor and outdoor easy, and the only task has the hand-eye coordination to navigate it. Granted, when using the Bluetooth enabled hoverboard outdoors, any changes in the landscape can result in a complete wipeout. So take caution if you aren’t riding the smooth streets of Los Angeles.

Oh, and did we mention the letter included with the hoverboard directly from the CEO? Handwritten from the big man himself, the personal note is a direct reflection of the company itself. Inexpensive Boards pride themselves on transparency, a rare quality in today’s market. In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or your wallet to get some good old fashion customer service.

No doubt it’s an exciting time in personal transportation. And the fact that you can now glide while listening to music for an affordable price is just the next level. For more latest Hoverboard review <<<< visit here 


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