How to Design Clothes? How to Get Started

How to design clothes

How to design clothes? People are often judged by what they wear. It’s no wonder so many people are fascinated by fashion and trends. You may want to consider designing your own clothes if you have a unique and creative style.

It isn’t as hard as you might think to design custom clothing. The only thing necessary is a desire to learn a few key skills. Most of these skills might already be in your arsenal.

What is the process of designing your own clothing? Check out our step-by-step guide to learn more.

Whats Your Goal?  

Depending on what your end goal is, you approach clothing design differently. Are you designing clothes only for yourself? Do you want to create your own fashion line?

In either case, you need to learn certain key skills. But designing clothes for yourself is ultimately easier than designing clothes for others.

Design Your Own Clothes  

Wearing your own designs is a great way to create a wardrobe that is uniquely yours. There are times when it’s difficult to find clothes in retail stores that fit you just right or that match your style.

In addition to being a rewarding process, making clothes is a cool skill to have. A majority of fashion designers start out designing for themselves before starting their own clothing line.

Design Clothes For a Fashion Line

Where do you see your designs fitting in the retail marketplace? That’s awesome. It takes a lot of determination and creativity to create a fashion line.

Perhaps you started out designing clothes for yourself, but now you have to consider what will look good on other people too.

You must also know what’s trending and predict what people will want to wear by the time your designs are ready. In order to create a fashion line, a lot of research is required. However, if you’re passionate about fashion, it won’t be a problem.

how to design your own clothes
how to design your own clothes

Establish Your Unique Style 

You want to create looks that no one else can replicate when you design your clothes. It’s like having your own voice in fashion. What are the best ways of creating clothing that looks great and is unique?

Keep Up With Fashion Trends

It is likely that you are already interested in trends if you are interested in creating your own clothes. Pay attention to what’s out of style, which trends are emerging, and who is dictating trends.

The more you follow current trends, the easier it will be for you to predict future fashion trends. This will allow you to be the first to supply these trends.

Predict Whats Next In Fashion 

Throughout the decades, styles come and go. Most of what we wear today is influenced by previous styles. Fashion from the ’90s and ’70s has been resurging in this decade, for example.

You’ll recognize that people dress a certain way based on pop culture and the economy if you keep up with them. You can predict what’s next in fashion when you understand what causes certain trends.

Get Inspiration From History and Film 

Every few years, certain patterns, cuts, and fabrics become popular again. We’re seeing an increase in floral patterns and neutral browns with the current 70s trend.

You must have studied fashion from the past in order to recognize trends when they emerge.

The media is also a very influential element in people’s lives. This includes movies, television, and even books. Fantasy and science fiction can even have a profound effect on people’s thinking.

You can also use these media forms to gain inspiration for your own fashion style. There is a good chance that other people are also inspired by your style.

Skills to learn 

Learning how to translate your vision into reality is the first step to making your own clothes. It is not necessary to be an artist or a master seamstress. There are, however, a few skills you’ll need to get started.


We mentioned before that you don’t have to be an artist in order to make your designs come to life. All you need is the ability to explain your concepts clearly.

If you want to learn how to draw, you might want to consider taking a class or purchasing a book. No matter what, you’ll need to practice. Fashion drawing has its own unique characteristics.

The majority of the time, drawing begins with a human figure from which you can then draw your designs. The human figure you create once you’re comfortable can serve as a template for any design you create.

You can easily complete this step if you’ve already drawn your fashion designs. If not, you might as well get started now.


As soon as you have a drawing of your design, you can break it down into a pattern.

Patterns show the individual pieces of a garment, as well as how they will be put together. To do this, one must know a bit of geometry and measurements.

You can use your measurements when making clothes for yourself. You can use the average sample size if you plan to display your clothes at a fashion show or on a mannequin.


It’s important to know the basics of sewing, whether you plan to sew clothing yourself or not. This will not only help you when you are making patterns, but it will also help you understand the entire process.

It is generally easy to operate a sewing machine. You will need to learn new methods as well to create more and more unique and professional-looking clothes.

Sewing classes or informative YouTube channels can be used if you don’t already know how to sew. Some craft stores offer affordable sewing basics classes.

Explore Color Theory 

Color affects how we feel and how we view things, according to psychologists. In addition to affecting us, colors also affect each other. The study of color theory examines how colors interact with one another.

Certain colors can have harsh effects on each other. Other colors can complement or define each other. Just as painters study color theory, fashion designers study it as well.

Trends come and go with colors as well. Colors such as “millennial pink” seem to pop up out of nowhere. Color trends as well as theory are crucial for creating trendy fashion.

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