How To Find Your Perfect Bridal High Heels

Every bride wants to be a princess on her wedding day. A perfect wedding dress is incomplete without bridal high heels. While finalizing a gown is on top of your priority list, the shoe is some time left for the last pick.

Finding a perfect wedding shoe isn’t an effortless task. You must choose a pair, which is not only fabulous but also suits all of your bridal needs and requirements. Here is a quick piece of advice for finding your perfect wedding shoes.

  1. Define “The Bride.”

Foremost, how have you imagined yourself as a bride: the retro, vintage, or contemporary? Lock up the look and then shop. If you want to try the pair and decide, don’t shy away from trying out new trends in wedding gowns and bridal shoes.

  1. Match Your Dress And Style

Keep your wedding dress in mind while hunting for those perfect heels. The entire wedding look should complement and as per your taste. Bridal heels come in a variety of styles and colour palettes. Try on as many pairs as possible to see what suits you best.

A shoe can bring in a pop of colour to your bridal look. Remember, it will be your day, so get a pair that’s going to make you feel special. A heel that will stand out!

  1. Finalise Well Before Time

Buy your heels as early as possible. The idea is to get comfortable in the pair so that there are no surprises on your wedding day. Try being in the heels for an hour to understand if it will work for longer hours.

Search online for a wider choice and trends. There are grand styles and varieties of bridal high heels listed on the internet. Browsing through the inventory will give some better options and make short-listing easier.

  1. Considerations and More

Give thought to every scenario with your bridal heels.

  • Are you comfortable in a particular heel?
  • Will you be able to stand for hours?
  • Are your bridal heels apt for the wedding venue?
  • What heel heights are you used to?
  • What is the weather forecast for the big day?

Your perfect pair of wedding shoes should be comfortable to wear and carry. You should feel confident in it.

  1. An Extra Pair

Always keep an extra pair of bridal shoes in your suite. If your heels have taken a toll on your feet, you must have a comfy one to rest in for some time.

Apart from the above notable points, there are other things to keep in mind while shopping for your Cinderella’s heels.

  • Are you matching your dress with your partners? Shop accordingly.
  • Take a fabric swatch of your wedding gown if you plan to match the shoe colour.
  • You will be expected to wear your shoes while getting the last fit of your wedding gown. So be ready with them.
  • Buy some grips for slippery bridal shoes. You don’t want to risk falling on the dance floor.
  • Keep Band-Aid and gel inserts in a wedding shoe survival kit. It comes in handy when you least expect it.


You are bound to have a gala time getting married when your shoes are chosen with the utmost care, keeping in mind the comfort and the style. Show off your bridal high heels and feel beautiful.


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