How To Identify Your Breast Shape? (Types of Breast Shapes You Need to Know)

How To Identify Your Breast Shape? (Types of Breast Shapes You Need to Know)


As a woman, I’m sure you already know that your breast shape is not the same as other women on the planet. If breast size can differ, then why not the shape of breasts? But how to identify your breast shape?

Do you have a normal or the most common breast shape? Or are your breasts distinctively sized and structured? Well, first off, there’s no right or wrong answer here. You have to accept the fact that there’s no ideal shape of breasts. What’s not normal instead is sensitivity and pain in the breasts.

Now let me discuss all the possible shapes of breasts there exists…

The Normal Breast Shape

By normal, I mean the most common type. But even normal breasts vary in terms of shape. Not all sets of breasts have the same characteristics. In fact, even most of these are not similar. It’s just not possible for me or anyone to box them into a single specific category of “normal.”

In that case, allow me to list the many different types of breast shapes for a better, more detailed understanding.

How to Identify Your Breast Shape – Different Types of Breast Shapes

  1. Teardrop

These are round-shaped breasts with a fuller bottom. Meaning the top is not as heavy as the bottom.

  1. East West

When do you know you have an east-west breast shape? When your nipples are pointing outward and away from your center of the body. One breast is pointing toward the left and the other toward the right.

  1. Archetype

Archetypal breasts have a full, round structure with a small nipple point. By far, these are the most common or standard types of breasts. Needless to say, most bra manufacturers design bras based on this particular breast shape.

  1. Bell Shape

These breasts are bell-shaped. They have a rounder bottom while the top is narrow, much like a bell.

  1. Asymmetrical

As the term suggests, asymmetrical breasts consist of breasts that are not identically shaped. It’s actually a very common scenario where one cup is smaller than the other by 1 or 2 sizes.

In fact, did you know that over 50-percent of women have breasts that aren’t similarly shaped?

  1. Close Set

Meaning no separation between the two breasts. The Great Divide does not exist here. It’s either that or a very small gap.

These types of breasts rest closer to your center of the chest. Therefore, creating more space between your breast and underarm.

  1. Wide or Side Set

The opposite of close set, side set breasts has too much gap between them. That’s the perfect wide-set breasts definition that they’re further apart from each other. Meaning there isn’t enough space between your breast and underarm.

  1. Athletic

Less breast tissue and more muscle are the characteristics of athletic breasts that are also shaped wider than usual.

  1. Slender

These are long and narrow. And the nipples, in this case, are pointing downwards.

  1. Relaxed

Relaxed means looser breast tissue with downward-pointing nipples.

  1. Conical

The conical breast shape resembles a cone. So the breasts are not round here.

It’s more common for smaller breasts to be conical than the larger ones.

  1. Round

Full at the bottom and the top marks the shape of round breasts. Meaning both the bottom and top of the breasts are fuller and round-shaped.

  1. Saggy

It’s where your breasts are pointing downward. Sagging breasts are common among pregnant/breastfeeding women and older women. Or those that have lost a drastic amount of weight.

No matter the cause, the solution in the form of the best bra for saggy boobs always works. Then there are chest exercises that women can also do. In order to make their breasts look perky…


So now you know how to identify your breast shape. Since you know how to determine breast shape, are you more likely to make better bra decisions? I hope so!

There’s no point in trying to figure out why your breasts are shaped the way they are. You should know that there’s no natural or normal structure here. But some factors do play a major role when it comes to shaping your breasts.

Important factors such as sudden weight loss or gain. Then there’s the inevitable process of aging. And also pregnancy and breastfeeding. What matters as well, at such times, is exercise. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then you can make your bosoms look perkier or firmer. Simply by incorporating workouts that strengthen your pectoral muscles.

As for aging, the process is very natural. However, exercise, a healthy diet, and plenty of hydration do indeed help in controlling the inevitable. But you might have to quit smoking for that.

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