How To Look Older?

How To Look Older?

How To Look Older

So, you want to know how to look older? Well, there’s a right way of doing it which results in you looking older. There’s also a wrong way which results in you looking older with the wrong vibes. I know that you want to look more mature, but there’s a fine line of looking mature and looking a little trashy. That’s not our goal here. We want you to look hot and smart.

Tired of being mistaken for your younger sibling? You can appear older and more mature than you are. Just focus on how you dress and the way you hold yourself, and people will start thinking you are older.

How To Look Older
How To Look Older

How To Make Yourself Look Older

  1. Don’t dump everything on your face. This is a common mistake. Trust me, I’m well seasoned to this, I have the photos. Before you dive into your makeup bag, remember less is more. Just because you want to look older, it doesn’t mean you need to wear everything in your makeup bag on your face. So, take a breath, put the eyeshadow down.
  2. Too much makes you look younger. I know you heard wearing high heels makes you appear older, but it’s actually false. Women who wear high heels and a lot of makeup actually make themselves younger as younger women use these tactics to look older. See what I mean? By doing this, you actually just prove that you’re younger than you look.
  3. Get yourself some classic pieces. If you want to look older, opt for wearing clothes which are sophisticated and timeless. No, you don’t have to dress like you just joined the book club, but choose pieces that are classic and subdued in color. Dark-wash skinny jeans with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of low heels give you an older look.

How To Look Older Men

  1. Wear jackets over your shirt or t-shirt.
  2. Show maturity through your body language.
  3. Choose button-down shirts over t-shirts.
  4. Deal with your acne.
  5. Bulk up by working output on some muscle to look older.
  6. Don’t wear tight-fitting shirts or t-shirts.
  7. Don’t wear pants that are too skinny.
  8. Wear the right hairstyle for you.
  9. Grow a beard or mustache.
  10. Speak in a heavy and deep voice.
  11. Choose aviators over sports sunglasses.
  12. Wear a nice watch.
  13. Speak like an older guy—develop your conversational skills.
  14. Avoid over-the-top clothing and fashion accessories.
  15. Avoid Trendy Styles And Looks That Exacerbate Your Young Age
  16. Get A Classic Haircut
  17. Cover Your Tattoos & Take Out Your Piercing
  18. Try To Work Out To Add Some Bulk To Your Body
  19. Hone Your Speech & Conversation Skills
  20. Invest In Quality Products

How To Look Older With Makeup

Lower Your Voice

A recent study finds that people prefer lower-pitched voices in both men and women. “Overall,” the authors note, “the influence of voice pitch on perceptions of leadership capacity is largely consistent across different domains of leadership.” This doesn’t mean you should walk around trying to talk like George Clooney—just that you should speak with authority.

How To Look Older With Makeup
How To Look Older With Makeup

Stop The Upspeak Madness

Young women often end their sentences with a higher tone of voice, as if they are asking a question. It’s called upspeak, and it puts you at risk of looking insecure and less credible, according to a recent survey. If you find yourself doing this, read aloud to yourself to start breaking the habit.

Buy A Chic Handbag.

A statement bag is a work-wardrobe must, but most of us won’t be getting the Birkin anytime soon. Try looking for a really good leather bag, large enough to accommodate your life, without a lot of hardware or funky accessories. Keep it simple.

Lashing It Up

I have noticed that adding a few outer corner upper lashes, like in this photo from a wedding I recently attended, can up the sex appeal and make me look more grown-up. I prefer going with the falsies on the outer corners only since it feels so much more natural than a full row.

 Rocking Updos

I think Kate Beckinsale is the epitome of an actress who always looks younger than she is, and it’s due to the long hair. Long, lush hair is youthful. But when Becks, who is 41, goes with an updo with volume, she takes on an air of elegance. So, sophists and not quite so young.

Wearing Skirts

This doesn’t change my young face exactly, but when I want to feel feminine and adult, I opt for skirts instead of dresses. I love wearing a black leather pencil skirt, like the one Mila Kunis is rocking, to feel more mature. Dresses are fun, but skirts require more effort when pairing them tops, shoes, and other accessories, so you automatically look more put together.

Rocking Shorter Hair

Remember when Katie Holmes, who has a very girlish face, chopped her long and youthful hair into a bob during her marriage to that couch jumper Tom Cruise? She went with the chic, very French bob and she instantly transformed from Joey Potter to an inarguable glamazon.


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