Jackets / Jeans Zippers – Durable & Fashionable Options

Jackets / Jeans Zippers – Durable & Fashionable Options

Zippers might seem like they are nothing but simple universal items used only when sewing. However, the truth is that there are many types of zippers out there and all of them can be used in unique and different ways. Before you use jackets or jeans zippers, first, you need to understand the most common types of zippers and how to use them the right way.

Metal Zippers

The metal zipper options at ZipperShipper.com feature two parallel metal teeth sets. These zippers are not only strong as these are also durable and fashionable options that makes them the perfect choice for jackets and jeans. The teeth of these zippers are molded then place in specific intervals along the outside fabric.

Separating Zippers

Separating zippers are the specific types of zippers that let the garment come open completely. These are often found in coats or jackets. These zippers are available in different lengths and types of materials. These zippers open at the bottom or end of the garment and function with the use of the pin and box mechanism for closing the garment.

Invisible Zippers

These are the zippers that get sewn into the garment’s seam in such a way that the zipper remains invisible from the outside. These zippers have teeth that are usually smaller and they are also pulled on using a smaller handle. These zippers are the ones that you can often see in skirts and dresses. The only downside is that invisible zippers have lesser variety compared to others because these are only available in limited colors and sizes.

All Purpose Zippers

Finally, the all purpose zippers or also called coil nylon zippers are the most standard types of zippers. These are the types of zippers that are the most popular and the most commonly used right now. All purpose zippers are lightweight and are used for closure purposes. There are still older versions of all purpose zippers made from nylon although right now, many of these zippers are already made from polyester. All purpose zippers are available in a plethora of sizes and colors. You can choose the color of both the fabric surrounding the zipper and the zipper teeth.

Whenever you are shopping for zippers and trying to determine the size you will get, it would be good to know that zippers are being measured from metal to metal. It means that that extra fabric you can see at the bottom or top part of the zipper is not part of the measurement of the zipper.

There are plenty of zipper types out in the market right now that serve different and specific purposes. For this reason, you would want to ensure that you will choose only the best and most suitable one for your next projects. Jackets or jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, and others don’t use the same types of zippers and for this reason, always pick the right one according to your need. Shop for metal zipper options at ZipperShipper.com for the best choices you deserve!


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