The best jobs for fresh college graduates

The best jobs for fresh college graduates

The graduate class of 2019 came out with immense opportunities and enhanced hiring trends, not even mentioning services that can help to write my paper. However, it is still hard for graduates to find the real job they want, which comes with a fresh set of questions and challenges.  Here are some of the best jobs for new college graduates.

Software engineer

Technology is vastly changing how the world operates, and It is among the top growing roles since the industry aims to push itself to reach the best diversity. The parts of software engineering attracted new graduates from every corner of the world in 2019. Some of the best companies that hire most US graduates include Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Google. Many companies need skills, and if you dedicate your time to learn most about the needs of an end-user or translating them to code, you can have a lot of opportunities coming your way. Unfortunately, the basic salary for this type of profession starts at $84,000, which is way higher than the average salary for a starting grad.

Registered nurse

The industry of healthcare has got a wide range of opportunities for different sets of skills and levels. The good thing about this field is that they tend to hire a lot of recent graduates. Since the United States is almost on the verge of entering the era of nurses’ shortage, the profession is currently among the top priority industries which will experience immense growth in the next decade. Fresh graduates have got the grand opportunity to work 12-hour shifts, weekends, and nights. At schools and medical offices, there is the opportunity to perform the traditional nine-to-five and travel opportunities that might amaze young and upcoming professionals.  The salaries for this job start at $59,000.  If you want to know more make sure to check out nursing homework assignments as a great example of what might wait you.


The position has got a bad reputation, but it can be one of the best ways to develop critical skills, which could go a long way into paying dividends, and it does not matter the type of thing you get to choose next. If you want to get over the fear of meeting and talking to new people, or learning how to fight rejection, or practicing deep listening, or finding the balance between pushy and persuasive, then this could be the best job for you to try out. There are many variations when it comes to sales, and almost all companies require sales representatives. The salaries start at $30,000, but the figures could go much higher or even lower. All that depends on the compensation type that the position presents.


There are many challenges that the teaching profession comes with, but all these can be a blessing in disguise. Since more and more private and public schools tend to reassess the approach they have towards education, implementing new and great technologies, adapting the classrooms in preparation for the fast-changing environment, young graduates are destined to make any changes. But, unfortunately, the salaries for this job start at $40,000.


An accountant is not all about protecting the pocket. It is a dynamic field, and the players can choose the path they want to take across several industries. The top auditing firms are placed among the best five companies that hire the newest graduates, but you do not have to limit yourself in taxation and auditing. The heart of any business is always money, and it stands right at the center of it all.  If you understand the financial strength of a given business entity, you can set yourself for professional success for the rest of your life. If you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or a field of finance, that will be enough to give you a start off in most positions of accounting. However, if you want to get a CPA license, you probably need to have a master’s degree or an equivalent. The starting salary of this job is $45,000.


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