The elegant, sleek and stylish cocktail dresses are an answer to every woman’s dilemma of what to wear for cocktail parties, engagements and evening parties. A cocktail dress usually reaches up to the knees and is semi-formal, making it adaptable for almost every event. Earlier(in the 19th century) conceived as a fancy possession, these dresses are now a mandatory item in every woman’s closet. This is simply because cocktail dresses are no longer confined to expensive wardrobes and are more affordable than formal gowns. Additionally, women across the world prefer cocktail attire for informal functions, which makes them more popular. With enterprising merchants like Violet Louise coming to the fore, one’s options are plentiful. They offer various options from which one can pull off the ideal dress that matches their preferences.

Here is a look at some of the essential clothing tips that women must keep in mind when attending a cocktail party.

Knowing the right sleeves

If one feels like showing off her pretty arms, she can go for the cap sleeve, which would allow her to show her skin and arm profile. On the contrary, if one is a bit hesitant to show off her arms, she can go with the lengthier Bishop sleeve. Some people prefer the long, tight Juliet sleeve to add some weight to their arms. The puff at the shoulder will get a lot of attention while turning people’s eyes away from the rest of her arm that she doesn’t feel like showing. Similarly, the bell sleeves make one’s arms appear relatively smaller owing to the flowy bottom.

Knowing that the ‘ideal female body’ does not exist

One should always remember that elegance does not come from appearance alone; what matters above all is self-confidence. When one feels good about the way they look, it will be automatically evident in how she carries herself. Before buying a cocktail dress, one should be convinced that the ‘ideal female body’ does not exist and what matters is to purchase the clothing one likes the best.

Cocktail attire for wedding events

Cocktail attire is popular among people attending weddings and engagements due to their versatility. There are a few things that one should keep in mind about one’s dress choices while attending weddings. It is better to avoid wearing white and black. The bride would most probably wear white, and it isn’t polite to show up the bride. Black is also usually kept at bay because of its sombre nature. However, it still leaves one with a plethora of options in colour.

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